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                                                               Our Staff

Winco Salon

Darlene -  Back for her brief stint at the Larson Salon, Darlene  has been our salon queen since 2005!  If you know her, you love her.   Still on the same Wedneday - Saturday schedule, still the same character, back to her home salon.

    Azu - With us at Larson Salon before the consolidation, Azu is in her second year in the industry.  She is a well-rounded stylist that excels at men's cuts.  Especially talented with clippers, she can do a fade like nobody's business.  Azu welcomes bilingual and Spanish speaking clients.   

   Jan - She has done it all, owned her own salon and worked in other salons in the valley.  She joined us last year and has brought a steady, calming presence to the salon. Jan is very versatile and just enjoys doing hair and the people it brings her in contact with.
   Carissa - Joined us out of beauty school and really hit the road running.  Carissa is already building a request clientele.  As one female client put it "you really did a good job hiring her".  Yes we did!
   Fran - Jan recruited Fran, not because their names rhyme but because she was a great find.  Fran also brings a wealth of experience to the salon and that same calm steadiness that Jan exhibits.
Delta Salon

     Corie - Corie moved from the Winco Salon several years ago.  She has really blossomed at Delta so much so that it was obvious she was the right person to take over the Salon Manager position as Karissa reduced her schedule. She did all that and had a baby too, what a woman!!

    Karissa  - She's back, well kinda !!  Returning from maternity leave on a limited basis, Karissa will be working on Wednesdays.  Anyone who has met Karissa is always impressed.  Her dedication, passion, and balanced personality makes her a natural leader.  Blessed with natural ability and a strong work ethic, Karissa is one of the reasons the Delta Salon is one of the most successful in the valley. 

     Valerie - With us since 2012, Valerie moved to Delta several years ago and has blossomed there.  Always pleasant with a strong desire to please everyone. Valerie is a joy to be around as well as having strong styling skills.  Congratulate her on her recent marriage!!
     Nikki - From the midwest to Winco to Delta, Nikki has made a couple of move since 2014 but one thing that remains constant is her smile and strong ability.  She welcomes all her clients and will be a great find for Delta clients.

     Mary - A California transplant that just got her license transferred to Oregon.  Mary brings over a decade of experience with her.  We feel fortunate indeed to have her choose the Delta Salon as her new home.

    Chelsea  -   Chelsea has hair in her DNA, both her mom and aunt are local stylists.  Chelsea learned her craft at both the Larson and Winco salns before moving on to Delta.  Were glad she decided to work with us!
    Karen -  Karen has been with us for over three years.  Extremely caring and quite a character she fills out a very talented and experienced staff.    She's back on her school schedule and is only at Delta on the weekends.  

   Nikkole - Another mid-west transplant, Nikkole was raised in Minnesota, moved out west and is here to stay.  Spent the last couple of years on the coast doing hair and recently got married and moved to the Rogue Valley.  She excels at men's cuts!!

  Grace/Alexia (Receptionists) - Both our receptionists are South Medford High School students.  Cheerful, dependable and great assistance on our busy weekends.